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Check out my friend's blogsite MATRYOSHKA for Fashion!!!! and her interview on ME :) !!!!! Support her and read read read! Interesting stuff!

Just About Me....

I'm 24. I love to love and be loved. I think in weird ways. I love fashion. I love art. I'm an artist. Art fuels my heart. I like to read. I'm creative. I'm independent. A Workaholic. I do my own mani & pedi. I hate putting on lotion. I've only been in love once. When I love, I give my all. I'm want to be successful. I'm not family oriented, although I'd like to be. My dog is one of the only living things that keeps me sane. I live on my own. I'm not in debt. I hate summer. Music expresses me. I love performing arts. I miss dance and the 10 yrs of time I've put into it. I want to write a book. I love my friends. I don't have any enemies. I've sinned. I pray. I'm not really religious, but I believe in G-d. I've finished school, undergrad. I hate my jobs. I want to eventually get married. I love to imagine in different ways. I think I'm unique. I can be nice, but I'm more of a bitch. I can't tolerate stupid people. …