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Vogue April 2013 Favorites!

As many may know about me Spring is my favorite time in Fashion! It's a mix between winter and fall which are my second favorite fashion seasons! :) as I read Vogue cover to cover every month I snap away at my favorite ads or editorials in each issue! This one being once of my favorites! So many amazing pieces! The designers are definitely stepping their game up! Enjoy and don't forget that every step of life should always be done w a little fashion under your belt ! Thanks for reading as always and enjoy these amazing images of some high fashion. Did I use the word "favorite" enough? Haha !

Finding the right Power for your face!

When it comes to your skin there  are so many brands out on the market that it's hard to choose one or even be able to try 5 out of hundreds of them. When a friend of mine recommended Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (compact & loose available) several years back when the mineral make up boom happened, I thought to myself why not give it a shot. I was using Lancome at the time which I loved and used for over 10 years. I purchased the Laura Mercier and have been madly in love with it since! Not only is it mineral and doesn't clog your pores but it also lasts for 3-4 months longer than regular powders, which in the long run also saves you money. This particular compact is about 35$ which in my opinion is very affordable and long lasting. The coverage is incredible and the feel is very light. If anything out of all my make up that I use this is definitely my favorite item. Below are a few images of the compact in case you decide to go out and try it :)

Wedding Beauty and Fashion

When it comes to weddings we all know some people tend to freak out and start booking all sorts of appointments for hair, make up, alterations etc. But, if we all take a nice long breathe and  realize that we are just as capable doing it ourselves life becomes much simpler :) You then have a choice of getting all the beauty done or doing it yourself. First step would be to do some research and figure out the style and look you are going for which should always work with your dress, shoes and jewelry as in the end you want to look like the complete package. The colors of your eye shadows should normally match with the color of your dress same goes for lipstick. Your nail polish should also play a role in your outfit. For this particular one I went with red to match my lips. Now preparing for the big day would also consist of maybe doing some facial cleansing and exfoliating to close your pores so that make up goes on smoothly. I like to use the Clarisonic brush w a scrub to exfoliate m…