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My Favs from Rachel Zoe's new Fashion Line.

Shop Bargains and Second Hand! Save some $

I'm the #1 Bargain shopper and second hand store lover. If you haven't before I suggest you try it now. Especially for the ladies, it is so rare that you will wear the same dress more than once so why spend ridiculous amounts of money on dresses ? try it, and thank me later :) Here are a few from the past.

Beverly Hills Art Affair!

Check out my favorite art pieces from the Beverly Hills Art Affair. Somehow they all have a meaning to me as to the reason why I liked these particular ones.

McQueen inspired shopping experience in DT Showrooms!

As I received my Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty book from my cousin Rachel in NY who went to the exhibit and send me this as a gift! I was the happiest girl in the world when I received it. As I looked at it for over a week now and absolutely got inspired by the muse. So this past friday I went on a little shopping venture with my friends and when I got home realized that literally every piece that I bought was McQueen inspired. My father who is an artist in the antique side of the arts was astounded when I showed him the book and some of the work of the muse online. For my father to be impressed with anything art related really is near impossible. He was blown away by the artistry of McQueen as should everyone else who loves art and not just fashion. You can purchase the book at the MET store online or on the actually AMQ website. Attached are the pieces that I bought :) hope you enjoy and see the McQueen in them as I did with the patterns, shapes, colors and textures.