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LOVE... the strongest drug of all.

What is love?

What is true love with a significant other?

As I sit here and write this I just want you to know that there were no notes taken on this topic prior to writing this, it is coming straight from my heart, my experiences and true feelings about the topic.

Love to me is a feeling of uncontrollable emotion regardless of thought. Although many say that our brain communicates with all the other organs in our body, the heart is rather a more complicated one to swallow. You can't always communicate with your heart through your thoughts, it has a processor of its own. I think Love goes beyond your heart, it digs deep down into your soul which is something that is usually unexplainable and comes from the universe or God, if you believe in one. As Alan Watts, a well known philosopher once said.... " love is a mystical experience and only very few get to experience it."

We as humans do crazy things for love. I'm talking about the "crazy, can't live without e…


Before I even start to write this story let me just say that you CANNOT make this shit up LOL! This is 100% true story!

So I met guy on a dating app, he seemed decent so I gave him my number and we decided to chat via txt. However he looked familiar but I didn't know from where. I have good face recognition memory so I knew I was not mistaken. Anyhow,we set up a date but he did seem a bit off as every sentence followed with an "lol" usually a pretty immature characteristic. Anyhow we set up a date to go to dinner. He text me the day of the day and said "Tonight is the night lol" I thought well that was a bit awkward but fine I'll just go along with it. So I replied and said cool see you at 7:30. His response "cant wait to me you."

I get to the restaurant and he is already there, he even text me to let me know where he is sitting so I can find him. I sit down and tell him " oh this is a cute spot, I've never been here before" mind you…

unlocking your tribe....What does this really mean?

I recently went to an event hosted by one of my favorite women empowerment agencies called Savoir Collab. They really are great and you should most definitely sign up to their newsletter and attend their events which most are free and super fun and knowledge filled! Not to mention so inspirational! Simply go to to sign up!

The event I attended was a panel with 4 women running their own business and discussing what it means to " unlock your tribe" You are probably wondering where am I going with this? Well it's quite simple. What it means is utilizing your network for their resources and trading services with friends or people you know. For Example, if you are an aesthetician and your friend is a make up artist you swap services without exchanging a fee. Kind of like a trade. Always try to be fair in your trade and make sure that both people are happy with what they're getting. Tapping into your own network is always the first thing you should do befo…

My story, My hustle and how it all started...

What is a hustler really? To some people it has a positive connotation and to others it may be negative. There are definitely several ways to look at it. I prefer the positive way. Not everyone is born with the hustle gene in them but you can develop this so called strategy over the years. For myself personally It's definitely genetic and being Jewish helps :) I truly do believe that there is such a thing as a Jewish mentality and you don't have to be Jewish to have it.

My father is the most hard working man I have ever met. He practically works 18/7 (sleeps for 6 hours) and absolutely loves it. It's what drives him and makes him happy. Fortunate for him he's an artist and truly loves what he does and has talent. Now that he is older for him it's more about the actual work than the hustle and thrill of making money. But long before this when he was younger he got his hands onto anything he could to make money. His story is quite interesting and I recently found out…

Are NYC sample sale companies taking over LA?

Over the last couple of months we've had some NYC sample sale fever hit Los Angeles. 260SampleSale and Eclipse have recently started renting out empty retail spaces in the Beverly Hills area. So you might think is this the traditional Los Angeles sample sale you're used to that has ridiculously low prices? The answer is no but their strategy is smart and it's working.

They bring in high end brands such as Sandro, Maje, Philipp Lim, Zadig & Voltaire, Kooples and others. I did some research and went ahead and spoke to the employees at both companies. Basically they do a buy out with each brand with wholesale prices of overstock items and then sell them at 60% percent off of retail to their customers. So basically it's a little lower than outlet prices. What best place to do it ? Beverly Hills of course. Where the prices are all retail and very little on sale. It's perfect for the woman shopping on Rodeo to stumble across 265 N. Beverly drive and find herself in w…

How to shop EBAY auctions and score some incredible deals!

A lot of you have been asking me to write about this for some time now. So here we go! I will try to make this short and to the point. Most of you message me and asking me omg how did you buy those $1200 authentic Chanel shoes for $100??? Well here is how and it doesn't always work but beginners luck is definitely a thing.

Basically EBAY is a place where you can win some amazing auctions at very low prices. Most big EBAY stores/sellers will start their listings as low as 99 cents in the hopes that it will go up higher, but this is not always the case. A lot of the times new sellers attempt to do this as well and that is when you get super lucky! why? well because they don't know what they are doing and you get the chance to get lucky and score it for a low price. The whole thing is quite psychological if you think about it.

So here I will give you step by step of how I buy on auction and win Gucci shoes for $30 or even Chanel shoes for that same price. Of course most of the ti…