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Today Outfit:
Dress: L'agence Shoes: Zara Necklace: yellow topaz

MKG Favorites :)

Hi Everyone! Check out my personal hashtag #MKGfavorites on Instagram for all my favorite outfits! Feel free to drop a comment with any comments or questions! I will answer them to my best knowledge! Xx 

Peroni Nastro Azzurro x Gia Coppola Grazie Cinema Series in Los Angeles

Picture being at an event that is chic with an Italian twist of flavor powered by the best Italian beer on the market, Peroni of course. While watching one of the most classic Italian films " The Bicycle Thief"guests dined on delicious oysters, enjoyed the beautiful sunset with a cold beer while they mingled and got to enjoy a nice Tuesday evening. Guests included top bloggers, Austin Jackson, Ryan Cabrera, and of course Tracy Antonopoulos the director of "The Magic Word" which was the short film shown at the beginning of the event. Tracy happens to be a close friend of Gia Coppola who has curated this Grazie Cinema Series that was brought to us here in Los Angeles by Peroni. I can personally say that it was such a great event with lots of mingling and just a good old time!  Thank you Gia Coppola and Peroni for such a lovely evening!

P.S. Everyone's fashion was on point!

Photos Courtesy of Guest of a Guest by: Claire Bloom & Nathan Telea

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