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DVF 40 "Journey of a Dress" Exhibit fabulousness :)

As we all know the wrap dress hit the globe with a huge impact on how women dressed 40 years ago when Diane Von Furstenberg first invented the amazing concept! It was the easiest dress to put on and take off, with a quick wrap around you were ready to take on the world in less than 2 min! My memory of it was quite different. I was young and saw my mom wearing it all the time when I was a teen and I would look at her like "what the hell are you wearing mama?" As I got older I developed a sense for classic and timeless fashion and understood the revolution the wrap dress made for women all over the globe. Today I got to experience all the most popular prints of the DVF wrap dress empire! I went to the LACMA exhibit called "Journey of a Dress" it was fantastic! I won't say more as I want everyone to go experience It for themselves :) If you are in LA definitely go check it out! I wore my own DVF dress :) (below are some photos) "Feel like a woman, wear a dres…

My Golden Globe 2014 Fashion Favorites

This year the carpet actually impressed me! no one looked horrid, most people were dressed well or at least their dresses were tailored correctly! Here are all my favorites but the top favorite goes to Kate Blanchett she is the definition of a STAR! Head to toe!