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Bargain Secret #2 Recycle your Fashion

So by this time we all know what is. It's the place where you can find the best deals because it really depends on the bidding of each items and also the best place to sell your old good that you are no longer in love with. This ladies I called ' recycling fashion" in other words you sell and buy new items you love with the money you made from those you sold. So technically overtime you're not really spending any extra money out of pocket. This is probably my biggest secret to affordable fashionality... yes I just created this word. You're next question is probably well where do I find the time to post all my items on ebay? The new ebay app is so easy to use that it doesn't take longer than 30 seconds to create each post and yes thats including you taking photos. Make sure you have at least 8 pictures to increase your sales of your items. Do your research on the item if you don't know what starting price to begin your item. It's easy, type in …

Let's start Saving!!

As the end of 2014 rolled around I thought to myself what can I share with my friends and fashion enthusiasts that will be of outmost interest and benefit? And there it was the word SAVE came into perspective! A word that is #1 in my vocabulary! Call me a Jew because I am one ;) I love to save! Often times some ppl think that I'm wealthy (not true, I work very hard) because I wear a lot of designer clothes and shoes etc but what you don't know is my BARGAIN SECRETS! I will be sharing all sorts of savings secrets of my own such as how to find the best deals, when are the best sales, which stores are the best resale stores in your area, how to shop on ebay, and how to find the best sample sales in your city!  :) for starters lets start with undergarments! Lots of you probsbly shop at Victoria Secret and spend say $11 per undie and or do the 5 for $30 deal. Bras are usually over $50 as well! I had a top I needed a nude bra for. I soon realized that I didn't have one as the on…