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Vogue The September Issue Favorites!

It's finally here! Not just Fall but my September Issue of Vogue! I opened my mailbox last week and saw the thick 856+ pages just sitting there neatly in a plastic wrap. Opening it and smelling the new print of paper was Devine! It's truly my euphoria! I have to be fully focused and dissect each page carefully And really look for details that I love and adore about each fall garment and look! Today I  will share with you some of my favorite pieces and Ad campaigns from this issue of Vogue. Fall is clearly my favorite season of the year for fashion! Layers are everything! I hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it!  This photo doesn't really need a description but I'll give ya one anyway! Picture the perfect fall bootie in any color of your desire! Now you can make that dream come true! Step into any CL boutique, browse the colors of 30, chose one and custom order. Voila!  Alexander McQueen boots and dress! How fun and stunning is this? Remember just …