Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vogue The September Issue Favorites!

It's finally here! Not just Fall but my September Issue of Vogue! I opened my mailbox last week and saw the thick 856+ pages just sitting there neatly in a plastic wrap. Opening it and smelling the new print of paper was Devine! It's truly my euphoria! I have to be fully focused and dissect each page carefully And really look for details that I love and adore about each fall garment and look! Today I  will share with you some of my favorite pieces and Ad campaigns from this issue of Vogue. Fall is clearly my favorite season of the year for fashion! Layers are everything! I hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it! 
This photo doesn't really need a description but I'll give ya one anyway! Picture the perfect fall bootie in any color of your desire! Now you can make that dream come true! Step into any CL boutique, browse the colors of 30, chose one and custom order. Voila! 
Alexander McQueen boots and dress! How fun and stunning is this? Remember just because it's fall doesn't mean you can't put your favorite skirt together with your fabulous boots! 
Fur will always hold it's own in the fashion business! If you have a piece don't ever get rid of it! It will always be in style! This jacket is stunning although the designer just slipped my mind, either way vintage fur is just as good as new fur and more affordable. 
This Celine coat is Devine! If you can get it I suggest you do! It's timeless & can be worn both fall and winter! 
This Calvin Klein wool pairing really caught my eye. The colors are such a great fall combo! Must have. 
Joan Small and A$ap Rocky in Givenchy! This silky Chaffon frock can be worn witg some great booties and your fall outfit for dinner is set. 
Metallic is back in for fall. Cop one of these kicks by Common Projects for your fall jean and chunky sweater look. 
This photo is from 2002 from Vogue goes to Paris section of this issue! I just thought it was a stunning costume couture piece that I had to share by Gaultier. 
Going to a gala this fall? Wear this Chaffon stunning outfit. Black but yet not simple and super chic by Akris. 
Can a girl have enough shoes? Absolutely not! I'm a fanatic of shoes especially Manolo Blahnik! yes call me Carrie Bradshaw cuz I love it! They are til the end of my days the most comfortable and light weight shoes you will ever own! And look at these stunning shiny ones in this Ad! Pair them with a plain black, brown or nude dress for a holiday party and you will be a show stopper. 
Chanel the 2 interlocking cc's will always have me by my none existent balls lol! I absolutely can't help myself! This dress is stunning. Of course if you plan to wear it outside of this editorial you will have to do it differently. Bun for ur hair, this dress alone and some stunning lucite shoes. 
This is more of a winter look by Moncler. Going to aspen for New Years this is perfect for a night out to dinner and further I love brown leather it's stunning! 
Another frock by Givenchy. Pair this with flat boots a leather jacket and a hat! You will be ultra LA chic. 
Going out to an oscar event in a couple of months? This is perfect for the Vanity Fair party! Lanvin. Pair with some sexy strappy shoes to contrast with the fringe. 
Oscar worthy. This stunning feathered Alberta Ferretti dress is beautiful. 
Dior. Great for a night out with your girls to dinner or with your man on date night. Remember fall doesn't mean you have to wear dark colors. Dare to color your own way to dinner :) 
This Versace dress is gorgeousssss! Dare to be fly always. Wear this to a movie premier, birthday party, New Years, gala. Or all of the above. 
Gucci! Work at an office? So what ?always remain stylish for yourself at least! You never know where you may end up that day. These shoes are to die for! 
Have meetings all day? Wear a stylish outfit like this by Gucci and you can concur any Man in any Industry just by your sharp look! Winter and fall! 
We all love to lunch. This is the perfect Chanel outfit to lunch in for fall! Everything about it is wearable and styled for ready to wear now. 
Work in a law firm or a nice office why not wear all leather that looks so chic? Gucci
another perfect office look from Gucci! Convert this into a dinner look by taking of the coat. Perfect for fall and winter. 
A more casual way to take on the world! Absolutely love this Ralph Lauren outfit for everyday anywhere in the world! Fall and winter. 
Don't be fooled my the colder weather. Florals aren't going anywhere. Wear this Dolce &Gabbana dresses with your favorite flat boots! 
Last but not at all the least these Giuseppe shoes are everything! Pair with anything and enjoy your fall!

All photos were taken by me via iPhone and edited from the Photos courtesy of The September issue of Vogue 2014. 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! 


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