Monday, May 17, 2010

Spread LOVE

Romance is a big part of love, so is connection, chemistry and that spark you feel between yourself and your mate or even someone from your past or your future.
Love is a feeling that each person can characterize as their own, but when you feel it together w another person is unexplainable.
Why does love hurt yet feel so good at the same time? Its the big question we all ask ourselves its like having a thin line between love and hate and pain and healing. It can change in a second, a minute, an hour, a week or even last a lifetime.
I feel like these days love is very political and it kills the romance and that spark that you may have w person. Money, values, who supports who female vs. Male, who has more money, what house does one live in. If we throw all those things out the window can you imagine how amazing love would be if it was just PURE and the feeling only came from the ♡. Are we just afraid of honesty? Are we afraid to let our feelings flow? Or are we afraid of getting hurt? All we really need in the end of the day is LOVE, not money or objects or any other things. Its that feeling that keeps the flame lit, day after day its love whether from a man, a woman, a friend, daughter, son, pet, relative or neighbor. Its that feeling that makes your ♡ beat faster than you can possibly imagine. I feel it in my ♡ now and its such an incredible feeling and I want to share it with those that I feel it for and just throw all the politics out.
This being said call or go see the ones you love and tell them, kiss them just let them know and feel that connection thru your ♡ it will blow you away. Spread that energy, spread that love and I promise u'll feel incredible.

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  1. Wrote this one on the plane on my way to NYC last thurs :)