Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bargain Shopper :)

Dont be Jelly just be smart and learn how to Bargain shop:) Below you will see all the items I bought at a recent Robert Rodriguez sample sale. Guess how much I paid for everything? $100. Yep just one hundred for 12 different items. All of the beautiful pieces below plus 2 pairs of cashmere sweats and a pair of leather leggings. 

Lets talk about Wedding attire and styles for Guests :)

Recently I attended a wedding of one of my good friend and below you will see pictures of my friends and I and our wedding style. :) You have to dress to impress not only others but also yourself. Wearing a gown isn't easy. You need to learn how to walk in one before you wear one. Hair and make up should always dress  the style of your gown. I.e see pictures below