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Revelations .... written 11/15/11

Isn't it funny how most people prefer to read personal blogs and are more interested in the drama and the gossip than anything else? I was debating all day today whether I should write a personal blog about my feelings and or what I'm thinking as of today and decided to go for it. As in the past it might have hurt some people and or got me in some trouble. But this is purely about my thoughts. Recently I have experienced some lows in my life and I noticed that it happens through out life and you begin to grow and discover more about yourself every day of your life. Some people enter your life while others exit, some interests replace old ones, some feelings develop as others disappear, so on and so forth. At this point in my life I feel disconnected from a several people in my life. It can go both ways, It may be me and how I feel or it may be the other person depending on what your preferences are in different situations. One thing is for sure, you cant expect people to have …