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My EMMY Fashion Favorites 2013

Lets just say I wasn't too impressed this year but Heidi Klum killed it on that carpet in Versace. Below are some of my favorites. 

My Vogue September Issue Favorites

I decided to Skip summer and wait for the fall to write a new blog post :) what better way than to start with a Review of The September issue. In the magazine world it is the most anticipated issue of the year. Fall is where we get to preview all the collections for the upcoming year including winter and spring. As I am a strict Vogue reader it's definitely a holy moment when I receive my September issue of Vogue :)! As we head into fall you will see a lot of darker colors, lots of ankle high booties with a rocker twist, sheer and sweater knit blocking, some oversized items as we've seen last fall are making their way back into this season as well. I'm also including some of the new stunning jewelry pieces by Bvlgari Below you will see my absolutely favorite fall ads and outfits that I personally picked out from the 900 plus page issue of Vogue. These are items of high fashion and even though not affordable for majority you can always find similar styles in resale stores,…

Plexiglass Trend!

I'm Absolutely obsessed with the new plexiglass trend. I've been researching all over the Internet for the last couple of days to find one for myself. I visited stores like Zara and H&M to find one reasonably priced but had no luck finding anything of good quality. I also saw some great DYI blogs for the plexiglass clutch which might have to be my option. Of course nothing compares to the new Valentino, Chanel, Gucci, McQueen and Charlotte Olympia clutches even the Hermes clear bag is everything!! Hope ya'll like this trend as much as I do. Of course it's been around since back from the 1950s in the vintage Era. So I went ahead and hit up eBay to find some amazing vintage plexiglass clutches. Placed a bid on one, fingers crossed, hope I am the lucky winner!