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NYC Fashion > LA Fashion

As I recently took a short trip to NYC I of course observed all the fashion and the visual displays on Madison Ave, 5th Ave and more. NY is such a beautiful place to be and there is so much to see. I would walk at times on my own and just observe and take it all in, it was an amazing experience. NY remains to be my #1 place to live and be a part of . Its really the center of the universe with its diversity.

Now onto the Fashion. As always I love designer resale stores. NYC happens to have some of the best ones. I went to my favorite again which is simply called "Designer Resale" also known as "The miracle on 81st  Street". Not only are things priced fairly but they have the best selection on the Upper East Side and in NY period. As I walked in I fell in love with a Chanel bag. Imagine, small elegant on a long chain and python. I asked the sales girl to let me see it. I thought to myself its probably over 2k but let me just see it ! To my surprise it was a fraction …