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NYC Fashion > LA Fashion

As I recently took a short trip to NYC I of course observed all the fashion and the visual displays on Madison Ave, 5th Ave and more. NY is such a beautiful place to be and there is so much to see. I would walk at times on my own and just observe and take it all in, it was an amazing experience. NY remains to be my #1 place to live and be a part of . Its really the center of the universe with its diversity.

Now onto the Fashion. As always I love designer resale stores. NYC happens to have some of the best ones. I went to my favorite again which is simply called "Designer Resale" also known as "The miracle on 81st  Street". Not only are things priced fairly but they have the best selection on the Upper East Side and in NY period. As I walked in I fell in love with a Chanel bag. Imagine, small elegant on a long chain and python. I asked the sales girl to let me see it. I thought to myself its probably over 2k but let me just see it ! To my surprise it was a fraction of that and I immediately fell in love with it even more! Eventually thru consulting with my friend who works for Chanel, a Chanel store rep and some friends I decided to take the baby home with me :) I also ended up scoring some amazing Bottega Veneta wedges which I was drooling over last year when I saw them on a women at a cafe. I ended up coming home, googling the shoes to be $1300, and putting the thought of owning them into a file folder in my head called "future". Well I found them in this resale store for $150, brand new! I know shocking but I'm so happy with my purchases from this amazing store. If you are ever in NY make sure to pay them a visit. I promise you will thank me.

Some of the other resale stores are on the same street. On 81st between 1st and 3rd ave. Others are on Madison Ave.  called La Boutique, Michael's resale and several others.

So as I'm comparing LA fashion to NY fashion of course NY wins. Its just the women there know how to dress better and even though its old money its also called CLASS, which in my opinion LA women lack. Furthermore, I browsed the streets and took some pics of the items/displays that appealed to me. I then discovered Joe Fresh. This boutique is chic and simple. Mainly solid colors with a simplistic style that can work in many different ways. I walked by the store over 3 times as it looked expensive I didnt go in til about the 3rd time. Suprisingly the prices were amazing!! almost everything is under $50 and great quality at that! Hopefully they bring one over to LA soon as I know a lot of you will eat it up. In the meantime you can visit

Here are some photos of my purchases mixed in with some displays as I walked down Madison. Ahhhh Heaven! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Lord & Taylor Ralph Laurel Earrings .. .love them 

Summer dress from Joe Fresh $29! can you believe it??? (looks better on me :0)

Joe Fresh to go with my Andre Assous Espadrilles 

Andre Assous Espadrilles love ! so comfy (Lord & Taylor)

My new love!  Chanel WOC Python limited edition 

Bottega Veneta Runway Floral Wedges.. To die for, cant wait to wear them this spring/summer!


Zinotti at Intermix 

Herve Leger Visual Display on Madison 

loved this! Old School class!

Joe Fresh! love these! worn twice already. 


  1. Do u have anything to write about besides material things and NY?

    Your bro:)

    1. This blog is about fashion in case you didn't catch that up top and center ! Haterrrrrr :)

    2. But yes I do have a lot to write about! Thinking of writing a book about how to save money! Cuz u know I'm the queen of that :)


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