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Expressing the moment.....

I'm not sure where this is going to go but I just know that I want to write. A million things go thru my mind daily. Some positive, some negative, thoughts about my new year, the goals I want to achieve, the target I want to have, my love life, my family problems, my friends, my future, my problems that I want to solve.

Sometimes I'm motivated and want to do the best for myself and at times just by seeing one small thing or hearing something that can disappoint me and I lose my focus. Same way one tiny incident or a few caring words from someone even a stranger can pick me back up and throw me back on the train of motivation. It all depends on your surrounding and the people you choose to have with you on the path to a brighter future. It's difficult cutting certain people out of your life but at times its the only choice you have to have a better life. Starting the new year thats one of my resolutions to keep only the positive people around and get rid of all those who are obstacles.

My future is something that I strongly think about everyday. I want to have an amazing career that I enjoy and love and make a great living for myself. With that I also want to eventually meet the man who will love me for who I am and enjoy every part of me. My best friend and I were just having a conversation today about how we'd love to meet that one man who will put a smile on our faces and just make us happy. The big question is always "when do you think we'll be married, when will we meet the one?" We watch all these shows and films where we see this incredible romance between two people in love, which is of course edited for effect by a bunch of professionals to make us believe something that doesn't always exist. But if we can at least get close to that edited for effect version somewhere in our reality, that would mean happiness. If you have faith and believe in love eventually it will creep up on you in the most unexpected time. So don't give up V, eventually you will be with someone who loves and adores you.

Life is like a puzzle of pieces that we eventually want to put together and see the picture,but sometimes its never ending and even if we one day put that puzzle together, we usually lose some pieces along the way, but that's life . We have to eventually find those pieces again in a new place, hopefully a better one and keep moving forward.


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