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Happy :)

Despite some of the bullshit I've been going thru this year I can finally say that I've learned so much about myself and that I'm finally back and comfortable in my skin and HAPPY. One thing that most of us seem to misunderstand at times is that happiness comes within, its inside you and what happy means to me is going to be different from what happy means to you. Others can't make you happy until you yourself find that within. Not your family, your man, your friends, or anyone. It all depends on you and how you define it for yourself. I can finally feel it again, although this might sound cliche to some of you, I feel like my prayers are finally being answered, and I do believe that each and every one of us has a purpose in this life.

On a lighter note although very much in relation to this topic, I've been dying and I mean really dying to go to the Lady Gaga concert since this weekend when I found out the show was this week!!!On such short notice I started to search for tickets and no luck at all everything was sold out. I wanted to go so bad. So last night my best friend tells me that she met a new friend and he is giving her 2 tickets to Lady Gaga concert for today! I literally almost fell off my chair. Believe it or not we went to the concert today and its was phenomenal. She's such a creative, interesting, and overall amazing artist. Our seats were great, and even better a huge star was sitting right behind us. To make the night even better I received the special edition Lady gaga everything booklet with her cd's, pics, posters anything you can imagine was in it! Thank you again V, this was amazing!

The point here is that, when you want something really bad and its genuinely coming from your clearest thoughts you attract it and it just happens, just like this. It's part of the attraction principles of life but that's a whole different topic, that I might get into in later posts. This can happen with anything or anyone you attract things, situations, people, so on and so forth, with your energy. Of course there's also a greater power that hears your prayers, for those of you who believe . Anything is possible depending on how bad you want it and how much effort you put into achieving it, it will happen.

Keep it positive and most importantly keep it moving! Life is too short, live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it, even during the bad ones because sometimes before it gets good it has to go bad. Without lessons that we learn almost everyday, life would be meaningless.

Goodnight, thanks for everyones support and to all of those who read my blogs. Love you All!


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