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People Don't Change

One thing you have realize is that people don't change. If by any instance they do its for a short period of time and they usually relapse and go back to the way they were before. You have to either accept them for the who they are or just cut them out of your life.  If anything at all they just GROW to be a better person, that's the most that can actually happen. I've learned that even if you try to change someone you can't you can only teach them a lesson and hope that they learn from it and grow thru the process.
This can relate to anyone, a friend, a family member, a lover etc.

When it comes to friends its a bit easier, although not always because if you're unhappy with their friendship then you just cut them lose and move on because it simply shows that they shouldn't have been your friend in the first place. If there is a lack of respect between 2 people they shouldn't interact.

With family members its gets a little difficult because we tend to accept them as who they are no matter what because they're blood relatives, of course not in all cases. But remember that family is very important and if you can help them GROW you're basically helping yourself as well, they are a part of you, and in most cases will be there thru thick and thin.

With a lover, if a person promises you  the world, and promises you to change and be a better person its usually all words with no actions to follow. I'm speaking from experience. You can sit there and fantasize about oh how he or she will change and make you happy again but its really not about you, its about them. You can't do anything to change them you can either wait for them to grow or let go. Yes of course you can teach them things and hope that someday it will make them a better person but none of it is guaranteed. You can just be thankful for the lessons you've learned thru the relationship.

The point is that you cannot change anyone and no one can change you. You are who you are and people can either accept it or move on. However you can become a better person thru growth but its all on you and how you want to take the next step to being a good friend, lover, sibling, son, daughter, mother, father, etc.


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