Friday, December 11, 2009

Thoughts for today...

Lets see today I saw something well actually came across something I read that should of made me upset but it didn't at all it actually made me feel better? is that weird ? A person just out of a horrific relationship should of been upset but I was happier  than ever. Strange mmhhhh but def. a positive thing. 

On another note my friend just gave me this book as a late birthday gift its called PostSecrets by Frank Warren. It basically post cards send from all over the world with peoples secrets and its all anonymous and this man put them all together into a book, its brilliant. You read these peoples secrets and you can relate to so many and those you cant relate to you almost feel like you know the people that write it, its so personal and teaches you so much about yourself. It's really an amazing book and a quick read with a great message. I def. recommend it. I believe he has about 5 of them, I'm really interested in getting the others. 
It's interesting how reading a book can change your life in some way or even a quote, its powerful.
Think about it.....

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