Thursday, December 10, 2009

What if.....

Do you ever wonder.. what if you lived in another state or even another country, what if you were a doctor, a celebrity, a singer, a lawyer etc. It all a fantasy we all have.
I always fantasize and try to imagine my life so different. I always wonder how it would be if I just left  everything behind and moved to New York or even Paris how would my life be, and what would I be and what career path would I choose in that predicament?
It all imagination and how far you can take it to actually make it a reality. It's an interesting concept.
However, normally if you actually follow your fantasy and try to outlive it, you learn thats its quite different from what you've imagined, but its still an amazing experience. To dream and dream big is a great thing to do and it only helps in general to turn your positive thoughts into actions. (I'm not talking about the what if's from your PAST.... only towards the future, theres a huge difference).
So whether its a big or small what if ...try it and see what happens. It should be very interesting and you'll def. learn something about yourself in the process.
Goodnight and G-d Bless!

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