Monday, December 14, 2009


Yesterday was a long interesting day with lots of lessons. Remember that everyday that you live you always learn at least something. My day started off pretty sad I must say it was raining and I wasn't really in the greatest mood but I went with my friends for a little sample sale shopping when I got home my spirits were still down, I set myself to think positive and move forward with the day.

I went to have lunch with my mom to tell her something I was keeping from her for over 3 months. I broke up with my boyfriend over a week ago and she had no clue that were even ever back together in the first place and I had a big health scare several weeks ago and I was in and out of the clinic and my mother was very stressed out and she had no clue who was the cause of all this. I finally opened up to her and told her the truth . It was by far the hardest thing to do, but I had to, I've never lied to my mom before. She wasn't happy with the news because she knows that my ex was terrible to me but thats all in the past now, like I said in my first blog on here, he's now a stranger I don't ever want to encounter or even engage in any kind of conversation. The pain and hurt this person put me thru is something I don't wish upon my worst enemy if  I was to ever have one. Nonetheless, I wish him all the best and I hope he finds help in all the areas he lacks and maybe finally become a civil human being.

Further into the day, I went to work and after met up with my friends to watch "Up in the Air," at the movie theater I ran into my doctor whom I used to work for over 4 yrs, it was my first real job. I must say we had a falling out but I'm very thankful for everything I learned at that job because I carry it with me now and am thankful for the lessons. Let's get back to the film. It was amazing, and I recommend for everyone to check it out. It's a film that makes you think about life, the importance of everyday, the values you carry with you, the difference in every person and the reality is that none of us are the same. We may be physically alike but we all see life and happiness in a different way, we are all our own person. Some of us believe in marriage others don't, some of us want this life and others want that kind of a life, everyones definition is different and you know what that's okay, it's what makes us all so interesting.

The most important lesson of yesterday was that without my friends I wouldn't know what I would do. I'd like to thank all of you who have stuck it out with me thru thick and thin and I appreciate and cherish every moment that I have with you. And when I'm so enthusiastic when I'm with you guys its because I really feel that way and I'm happy to be in your presence. Thank you J and S for yesterday all the input you gave me was very powerful and helpful.

Life is too short to dwell and stress over past obstacles in life, the only way is to move forward and look towards the future. Appreciate what you have and you will learn to achieve more. Live to the fullest and enjoy every moment in your life. Stay positive and you will all be fine, I promise.
Goodnight and G-d Bless.

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