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remember YOU!

It's very important to take care of yourself and remember to always make ME time. No matter what happens its all about how you feel in the end of the day and if you forget to take care of yourself no one else will. Taking care of yourself can include anything from doing your nails and hair for the ladies, playing ball and shaving for the gents, to just keeping clean, dressing appropriately, reading, listening to things you like, eating right, exercising, etc. No one else will do these things for you but YOU, something to keep in mind!

What you do for yourself reflects on your mood, and the way others perceive you, which isn't really that important always its really how you feel inside out that really matters. Don't forget to make time for yourself and what you want in life. Whether in a relationship or single you can't forget about yourself. I know it gets tough when one is in a relationship its hard to remember about yourself and find time for  what I like to refer to as "ME time." Take a hike clear your head, take care of your body, do facials, scrubs, take baths, read, write, run, pursue your goals, find a career, keep up with your current job, succeed in things you love and care about, whatever it may be to you, do it. 

Recently I've been doing a lot of soul searching and also taking a lot of ME time to find myself and discover more about who I am and become over the years. I haven't done that in 3 years, and the freedom I finally feel now is amazing and quite refreshing. I'm learning new things about myself everyday. It's so important that I almost want to show you guys instead of putting it into words but hopefully you can understand the importance of what I'm saying here. Doing this can really help you get thru life and enjoy it to the fullest! 

Explore yourselves, find your interests, your strength, your weaknesses, your loves, your hates and become a better YOU, by indulging in some ME time. 

Writing has given me inspiration to do great things and to share it with you is even more inspirational .... that's one of the many important things I've learned by taking time out for myself... try it.. 

DREAM IT......FEEL IT.....THINK IT....... DO IT.


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