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Secrets...I don't even know where to begin. I guess I have encountered some secrets that were kept from me and lied about. What I'm trying to say is that no matter how long you keep a secret it will always and in most instances slip out somewhere somehow. Lets start with the fact that if its about a friend and you're hiding something from them that will affect perhaps your friendship with that person, it is almost in all cases better to be honest about it and tell the TRUTH, then lie knowing that most likely you won't get away with it. The incident that I came across might be relevant to what I'm writing about but I just don't care enough to write all about it and go into detail since I had to deal with it for the last couple hours which was a complete waste of my time. 
Lets just say when you have a secret that you want to keep to yourself and its def. important not to share it with someone then by all means keep your mouth shut. But if for any reason you believe that this secret might be leaked by someone then you should def try to reveal it to that person before someone else does. It just makes the situation into a nastier one. Same goes with lies. When you lie to someone if it is very necessary to do so then you can do it, but if you know that the truth will come out and turn you out to be a liar don't do it because in the end you just make an ass out of yourself. Telling the truth however, once you're caught in the lie is of outmost importance to me. I'm all about truth and honesty even if its hurts. I rather know the truth and be mad at a person for knowing the truth, then knowing the truth when in fact that person is still going along with the LIE. 
This relates to only people who for instance do something behind someones back thats not 100% kosher and keep it as a secret, this does not refer to a secret that for instance your best friend tells you to keep for her/him. That's a whole different topic and not relevant to what I'm talking about in this particular blog. 
I'm super tired but I hope what I wrote makes sense. 
Remember to stay positive and all good will come to you. The one above has your back. Just give good and good will come to you. 

Peace and Love, Goodnight


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