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just a little somethin somethin

Since I cant post the great spring pieces I'd love to share with everyone from my phone pics because my BB is messing up I'll share some other thoughts with you guys :)

This past weekend I went to Coachella with my friends for the first time to experience what everyone was talking about. The house we stayed at had some great books and believe it or not I read one of them during my stay there. It was a short but meaningful book. I believe it was called "The Dash." It referred to the years between your birth and death and how important every moment in your life really is. One of my favorite quotes from the book was "to share often and much to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded" I loved this because helping people is what brings me happiness even if sometimes people step on my I still keep going because giving is such a big gift in life. Other things that were discussed in the book is don't take any moment for granted because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Therefore, spending your dash years with out showing anger and smiling and learning to forgive is a big big effort that goes a long long way. It makes life easier to live. To live doesn't mean that your alive. Thrive towards your best goals and intentions and always stay positive and life with always chase you down with happiness. Life is to short so live it beautifully and share it with those you love and care about and be open minded and forgive when you need to and love always.

I know some of you might think " what was this girl doing reading books during coachella" well yes it just caught my eye and while I took a rest at the house from the chaos I found this small and meaningful book that I will probably remember for the rest of my life because it brought that much more meaning to my life.

I'll end it on that note! love life and life to your fullest one moment at a time!


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