Monday, May 2, 2011

Bedding Speaks about your Style

The Bedding you choose often for you bed also speaks about your style so please choose wisely :) My new one was actually inspired and came by the idea of the season we are currently in now which would be Spring. The pillows I have had for more than I'd say 7 years. They're sort of vintage to me. I bought them a little before I first moved out on my own and then somehow they ended up in my moms storage guess I got over them at some point. I then remembered " Maya you have some nice pillows somewhere that would be great for spring" So the next day I went to a linen store and found this awesome comforter cover with two pillow decorative cases and thought these will go great with my Shabby Chic pillows and viola they sure did and I love it. This about how comforting you want your bed to look like when you enter your bedroom and throw a little fashion into it :)

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