Thursday, October 6, 2011

Downtown LA Bargain Shopping

To my fellow Ladies and Fashionistas,
If you haven't yet discovered the bargain shopping in the LA Downtown area, let me just tell you 4 words You-Are-Missing-Out. Every last friday of the month, the showrooms to all the popular brand that we love open up to the public to sell their samples from either the current season or the past season. Even if its the past season who cares? trends come and ago and return very often, that's what fashion is all about. I will share with you some of the items that I have purchased on my last shopping trip. You will find bargains of things marked down from $200 to as low as $20, so on and so forth. If you love Silk there are a lot of designer show rooms thats sell silk items for pennies, literally. I happen to love silk and therefor bought several silk items myself and am in love with them. Each building (Cooper, Cali, New Mart) is about 12 floors and each floor has different showrooms with the sample sales. Eventually after a few trips you will know which one to directly go to when you become familiar with certain show rooms that you like. It's really a great experience and will save you $, considering the fact that most of us barely wear anything twice, especially dresses. Some of you might wonder why am I sharing such a gold mine with you girls but you know what the more the merrier, so long as your purchases make you happy, why not save you some $ :) If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment and I will respond.

Hy+Dot Silk Dress- dress it up or down for the summer!

Tuxedo jackets are the new thing for Fall so get one asap for your closet! I love color so I got the beige and orange accented one instead of black with white which is also an option.

This skirt is just phenomenal! I die! in love... look at the detail in the material !!!

Dolce Vita top, made impeccably... you can't see the detail in the picture as much but this was the best I can do. This kind of top would look great with some high wasted black trousers.

I absolutely love this dress. The back is completely open and is just super sexy since the front is closed. Throw on some sandals for a summer look or throw on a leather fitted jacket  and some booties and you're good to go for a nice fall look. I especially love the pattern on this dress!

This was initially my favorite buy! I'm normally not big on wearing shorts but these 100 percent silk shorts with this amazing floral pattern ... I was sold within a second of looking at them! wear them in the summer with a cool white blouse, in the winter with some black tights and a jacket or in the fall. Love, love love....

Your biggest Fashionista!


  1. Love! Which showrooms did you get the jacket and skirt at?

  2. Sank you :) The skirt is by Hy+Dot and the Jacket is MM Couture