Tuesday, January 24, 2012

IL Teatro Alla Moda! Amazing Costume Fashion Exhibit

Il Teatro Alla Moda is one of the best Fashion/ Costume exhibits I have been to in a while. It was so refreshing to see such amazing craftsmanship in all of these Italian Designers. The photos below pretty much speak for themselves but I will give you some more info. It is basically put together only for Italian Designers such as Versace, Ungaro, Fendi, Armani, Missoni, Valentino and more. Below I have also attached the flier and would love for all of you fashionistas to go and check it out. It is absolutely FREE if you have a student ID otherwise its only $10 and well worth the money. I was absolutely blown away when I went by the fashion, design and craftsmanship of all of these fabulous costumers that were used all over the world for Operas, the Olympics, Plays, Broadway and much more. Now you have the opportunity to take a look at them! Enjoy! It took me a long time to post this blog but I really wanted to share all these photos with all of you!

Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld

My Favorite by Versace behind me

Look at the craftsmanship in this. All hand made


Armani all hand made!


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