Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shareen's Vintage Shopping trip as my love for vintage continues.....

Today my friend Kimberly took me for my first time to Shareen's vintage store in DT. As you walk in or even find your way there its in this hidden warehouse where you would never imagine to find anything. As you walk in its like vintage heaven. It's such a chic set-up with couches and beds set up in vintage manor for you and your friends to shop and try stuff on in comfort. They even have a tailor in the back to fix and or resize your purchases. It's a cool comforting environment and concept. Below you will find several of the piece that I personally bought that are so unique and are part of my fashion collection now. You also get a great bargain here for some quality stuff. For more details check out their website I simply love vintage pieces because they are one of a kind, usually look better or just like the new designer pieces you see in high end design boutiques and definitely made the same quality if not better. It truly is amazing to have the ability to be able to shop for vintage pieces. As you know from my past posts you can also visit for their dates and then you will definitely be in vintage heaven and understand the beauty of it in a  fashion sense. 

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  1. the last piece is actually by Joie (not vintage) but it has a vintage look to it so i wanted to include it in this post :)

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