Monday, February 13, 2012

Lets Talk SHOES!

Finally the Grammy weekend is over and I can share my Shoe advice with all of you :) So lets talk shoes. All us ladies know how much a shoe can make or break and outfit. Sometimes it's the accessories that are hard to find and match to a dress/outfit.We all love out designer shoes! Well here is the secret.... you don't have to be rich to strut designer shoes. All you have to do is hit up some sales, sample samples, second hand stores, etc. I call it shopping smart!All of my designer shoes were bought on sale or at a second hand store. It does not make you any less fashionable ladies! Learn how to save and be fashionable at the same time and most importantly proud and happy of your purchases :) Sometimes its just better to wait it out for that one designer shoe to go one sale then to buy cheap quality shoes that you will probably rarely wear.  Every fashionista should have all types and shapes and forms of shoes. These would include, boots, pumps, flats, booties, platforms, so on and so forth. Furthermore, if you are wealthy and or capable of buying shoes full price etc here are some great websites.,,,,,,,,,, If you like shoe blogs here are some great ones;,,,,,

Here are some fun stats about shoes : Amount of $ the average woman spends on shoes over a lifetime is about $25,000. # of women who own at least one pair of designer shoes is 1 in 4 (we can change this after reading my blog :)

Furthermore if you are sick of some of your old pairs of shoes simply sell them! there are site such as,, and then stores such as Decades, Crossroads and Wasteland amongst others.

"Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations" Ryunosuke Satoro
" Funny that a pair of really nice shoes makes us feel good in our heads-at the extreme opposite end of our bodies" Levende Waters

Devi Kroell Python Boots

Above were some of the shoes that I myself own and love! All bought below 25% of retail price.  It's possible :) remember QUALITY over QUANTITY is always a big key in Fashion! Whether its with shoes, clothes, bags, accessories etc!

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