Friday, August 3, 2012

Fall's outsize Shapes and Volumes!

Ladies! Get ready for this Fall's Fashion take over ! It's really happening yes! The bigger the more fashionable! This Fall it's all about the outsize shapes and Volumes in your wardrobe. Slowly you will see all the boutiques bringing in all the new oversized trends, as recently seen on the runways during Paris Fashion week from Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more. Think of it this way, put all those tight hip hugging dresses away and or give them away all together! This is of course if you want to fall into the category of trends, which us being fashionistas that is a definite obvious. This is a new trend and although some of the high  fashion designers have already fallen into it, it will probably only really pick up by next fall of 2013. As always it takes the public about a year to get accustomed to a new trend, especially one that is here to stay! I'm so excited about it and total love the new looks for this fall. For those of you who cant afford high Fashion great stores such as H&M and Zara are good place to check into as they both very well follow all the trends. Here are some campaign ads from Vogue August 2012 to reflect this new coming trend! Enjoy and thanks for reading as always! 
Cotillard in lose fitting suit by Ralph Laurel #oversizeshapeandvolumes

I die for this Proenza Schouler coat! I mean come on! gorgeeee

Louis Vuitton! oversize volumes and shapes! look at those hats and coats!

Prada #oversizeshapesandvolumes #fall2012

sickness. Louis Vuitton shoes #fall 2012 # vogue

need i say more?? Dolce & Gabbana #oversize #shapesandvolumes #vogue2012

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