Monday, December 28, 2015

Dream Chanel bag :)

There is usually a great story behind every amazing item that I purchase! In this story it's my vintage Chanel bag! I first saw this handbag some 7-8 years ago. I was with my boyfriend at the time at his friends house just hanging out. In comes his friend's chic stylish mom wearing this very same vintage Chanel bag! I remember it being love at first sight! I remember whispering to myself "one day I will earn enough to be able to purchase this same bag if I'm lucky enough to find it" well that day came a few weeks ago while I was browsing some vintage Chanel hangbags! It was love at first sight all over again! This bag was made sometime between 1994-1995 which is also the year I moved to the United States! All in all it has a lot of meaning to me! Xx 

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